Custom Designed Rock Pools

We're much more than our name suggests here at Rock Spa and Caves, and while we design and build the best rock spas in Queensland, we are also responsible for the custom design and build of rock pools on the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Brisbane. In fact, our pools have been so successful, that there almost surpassing the demand of our famous rock spa and caves.

We've had a number of big rock pool projects on recently and without meaning to boast, they have come up fantastic. On each occasion, we worked closely with the owner of the property, and designed a pool that would transform their backyards into a tropical oasis, and at the same time give them the ultimate place to hangout and cool off this summer.

Custom Built Rock Pool Gold Coast

We've recently designed a built a spectacular pool on acreage property on the Gold Coast. The pool just adds to the magical views of this property and adds another dimension to the overall look and feel of this home. Our client finished of his custom designed rock pool with his own landscaping and we have to say, the pool area looks like the ideal place to hang when you need to relax. This pool cost our customer approximately the same price as he would have paid for a basic pool, but comes with the WOW factor. View our Gold Coast Pool here.

Customer Built Rock Pool Toowoomba

One of our favourite projects was this one in Toowoomba. The client saw our billboard featuring our rock pool, and straight away got on the phone to us. He knew that he could have some fun with our designs, and not only transform his backyard, but turn it into a resort style haven for his family; and that's just what we did. Our designed included a beach style enjoy into the pool, a 2m deep end, a swim up bar with chairs and all, a rock spa, cave and waterfall, LED colour changing lights, plasma TV and surround sound. Our client also upgraded his heat pump, which means his spa can be heated within a couple of hours, not days. Their backyard now truly resembles that of a 5-star resort. View our Toowoomba Pool here.

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These are just two of the amazing pools we've built recently, there are more to come! If you would like one of these babies in your backyard, then please feel free to contact us and we'll come out and for a free measure and quote. CALL 0421 850 007 or fill out the form below.

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