Exhibiting our Rock Spas at Gympie Muster

Showcase in Gympie

On the 28th of August, Rock Spa and Caves showcased our awesome rock spa and cave packages to Gympie locals at the Gympie Music Muster.

Music and a Spa

While other suppliers were responsible for the music, food and camping, the guys here at Rock Spa and Caves managed to pack one of our gorgeous outdoor residential spas and cart it to Gympie, allowing us to enjoy beautiful 40 degree spas daily, with the music pumping and the bubbles exploding.

And our spas were a hit! We got heaps of interest from all the locals, not to mention caught Channel 9's camera and made it on to their nightly news program.

An Evolutionary Product

Our rock spa and cave solutions are an evolutionary product, and offer a whole lot more than just your simple fibreglass options - and they roughly around the same prices.

Rock Spa and Caves come in 4 seriously affordable backyard spa designs, from the smaller standard spa kit (including installation, right through to the larger, all inclusive outdoor hot tub package. It really is resort style living for the every day Australia.

Spa Design #3

Our most popular spa design is the ever popular design number 3. Starting at just $13,500, this 3.8m x 2.8m spa design comes with all the bells and whistles that make our outdoor hot tubs seriously luxurious. You will enjoy relaxing in your backyard spa, watching your plasma and enjoying surround sound. Additionally, you and your family will relax in a tropical oasis - with handsculpted rock concrete design to look just like rock caves. Pure bliss.

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