Safe Use of Outdoor Spas

The thought of an tropical outdoor spa oasis sounds fantastic, and believe us, it really is; but there are some safety requirements that every homeowner who is lucky to have one of our Rock Spa and Caves, should consider before taking a dip.

Water Temperature

If all you want is a nice relaxing hot spa to enjoy on a cold winter’s evening, it can be tempting to get those temperatures up. It is important though, that you never allow the temperature in your outdoor hot tub to go beyond 37 degrees.

Bathing in hot water can significantly raise your body temperature, and can cause serious problems, especially for pregnant women, children, diabetics and people who are affected by drugs and alcohol.

If you do want to enjoy outdoor spas, that are set at a higher temperature range, then it is important that you limit the time spent in your spa. As we mentioned earlier, a very hot outdoor spa and significantly raise your temperature, making you feel drowsy and faint, and can lead to drowning.; so due care is of the upmost importance.

Supervise Children

This may be an obvious point, but children need to be supervised when enjoying the magic of an outdoor spa. At the end of the day, our outdoor spa solutions may be a wonderful indulgent, but it still can pose a huge threat, especially to young children who may get over excited in the mini-swimming pool.

Spa Safety Measures

Just as you are required to have a fence around your pool, the same safety measures will be applied when you install a new outdoor spa. You are best to contact your local council to see what is required of you legally.

It is also advisable that you have instructions on how to conduct CPR located within eyesight of the backyard spa.

Spa Water Sanitisation

Swim spa water sanitisation should be of the highest importance, and regular maintenance to ensure your water levels are balanced is absolutely necessary, not only to maintain your spa, but also to prevent illness, rashes and irritation that may occur due to a chemical imbalance.

You can get your spa water tested at any pool shop, and they should be able to advise you on what you need to ensure your outdoor spa water is well maintained and balanced.

Enjoy your Outdoor Spa Retreat

If you follow the above instructions, keep your spa water at an appropriate temperature, monitor time spent in the spa and ensure the water is clean and chemically balanced, then you should have no problems at all and you can continue to enjoy the magic that is Rock Spa and Caves.

We have 4 beautifully designed outdoor spa packages for you to choose from, so contact our professional team today and ask how you get your piece of luxury in your own backyard.