rock spa and caves

Backyard Rock Spas and Caves

Rock Spa and Caves offer the ultimate in backyard spa entertain at affordable spa prices. Our pre-engineered designs means that we can install your new luxury looking spa with little mess, faster turnaround times and at a much more affordable rate. Our friendly spa concrete sculptors have an abundance of experience, and are dedicated to helping you create a tropical oasis in your own back yard.

A Unique Residential Spa Concept

Portfolio rock spas night view

As there is not another Rock Spa and Cave supplier like us in Australia, let us explain our concept.

You see, at Rock Spa and Caves we offer a unique and luxurious spa solution that costs around the same as what you would expect to pay for a fibreglass option.


Our spas come with the extravagance of hand sculpted fully reinforced concrete, artistically shaped to look like rock caves engulfing hot springs … a scene you would expect to find in a tropical region or in a 5-star resort.

As an additional indulgence our spas also include a 32-inch LCD TV with surround sound and amplifier.

Want to make an even bigger impression? Then you can opt to have cave waterfall blowers and jets included; most definitely a wow factor and sure to impress friends, family and future investors.

spa features

All Rock Spa and Caves Feature:

  • Hand Sculpted Concrete Rock
  • Led Colour Changing Light
  • Hurlcon Filtration
All spas are precast and relocatable and are structurally engineered and meet the very latest Australian standards!

optional extras

Upgrades Include:

  • 32” Plasma TV
  • Surround Sound
  • iPhone / Pod / Pad Compatible
  • Waterfall and Cave
  • 1500 Watt Blowers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Entertainment Units
Optional heat pumps and entertainment units are also available.

Spa Installation

In order to keep costs affordable, our products have been pre-engineered and manufactured, allowing us to supply your new spa and install it in a timely fashion, with very little mess and fuss.

That’s right, as a pre-engineered product, there is no onsite building required, which means the installation process is fast, simple and mess free.

Rock Spa and Caves is an innovative and affordable spa solution that will undoubtedly give you much enjoyment and entertainment, whilst simultaneously increasing the value of your property.

Be Impressed! View our Gallery of Spa Work.

Need further persuasion? Then see the magic that is Rock Spa and Caves! We have designed and built a number of gorgeous rock, spas, caves and waterfalls all around Queensland and New South Wales. Check out our most recent work.


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