Conserving Energy with a Hot Tub Cover

If you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub, then you may also like to consider investing in a hot tub cover to help conserve energy and save on your power bill. A cover will also help you keep your new rock spa and cave clean; keeping the debris out so you can be comfortable getting in.

Make sure it is the right Size

If you do plan on investing in a hot tub cover, then make sure you get one to fit your spa solution. Feel free to ask the team at Rock Spa and Caves for their recommendations. Smaller covers will obviously let the heat out and also let the dust, dirt and leaves in.

Huge Savings

As we mentioned earlier, a hot tub cover will ultimately help you keep your spa at the optimum temperature for longer, meaning you won’t need to spend a fortune continuously heating your spa. It is amazing how quickly heat will escape without a cover on your spa – and the heating consumption could become astronomical.

Keeps it Clean

If trees and grass surround your house, then obviously your spa is at risk leaves, dirt and grass flying into your spa. A hot tub cover will ultimately protect your backyard spa from being messed up by this debris – which will ultimate save you time from having to clean it out, and also save you from any potential damage it may cause.

While it isn’t absolutely necessary to have a hot tube cover for your spa, it can save you a fair bit of grief. Ask one of our professional team members what they would recommend in terms of a cover for your new rock spa and cave.

Rock Spa and Caves

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